Fast RARBG Proxy Unblock Methods: Proxy and Mirror Sites 2019

When it comes to finding a good resource for acquiring up-to-date torrent files, RARBG is one of the names that veteran downloaders won’t hesitate to recommend. However, sometimes accessing the original site can be difficult, and that’s when it’s time to use a RARBG unblock proxy server or mirror site to continue accessing new torrent files for downloading.
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List of RARBG Mirror Sites and Proxies

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RARBG Proxy Website

What Does 1337x Offer and Why is it so Popular?

Since 2008, RARBG has enjoyed enthusiastic support from its ever-expanding community who help keep the database refreshed with high-quality files that can be downloaded with a peer-to-peer torrent client. However, in many countries, it can be hard to access the original site, and attempts may often be blocked by many of the bigger internet service providers. In such cases, however, it is still possible to access the files, thanks to the many RARBG proxy sites available today.

RARBG Proxy Website

A proxy site acts as a go-between from the user to the original file database through a different server and URL, which gets around restrictions on the original site while letting you enjoy the same choice of torrent files to download from RARBG to proxy.

What are RARBG Mirror Sites and How do They Work

A mirror site provides similar results as a RARBG torrent proxy, but they work a little differently. With a proxy, the site acts as a redirectory to send file enquiries to the original site through a RARBG proxy server. A mirror site, however, functions as a file repository, whereby the original RARBG file database is cloned onto a whole new server. Either solution works well. Mirror sites can function independently or the parent site, but might not refresh with the latest content as often. A proxy, by contrast, relies on the original RARBG database being up and running to still redirect users to the files. As stated, the results are pretty much the same between mirror sites and proxies but it’s a good idea to know how to access both to ensure that you can always enjoy the availability of RARBG torrents. Torrent mirrors are very useful in the event of a site dropping out or undergoing stability issues, giving you alternative file sources even when one server might not be working. Also, if access to one alternative is blocked, it’s just a case of finding a different mirror with a URL that hasn’t been restricted yet.

How to Access RARBG Torrents Through VPN

While a conventional RARBG proxy unblock is a useful way to get around access issues, a stronger solution for high-volume torrenting is the use of a VPN. Standing for "virtual private network", a VPN connects your private network to a public one by routing your IP address through many different sources, making your internet activity almost impossible to trace.

What this means for the users is a guarantee of security, anonymity and privacy when browsing and downloading from the internet, letting you use your bandwidth however you wish in complete confidence. Another useful effect of using a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic is that it often bypasses territorial restrictions on website access that you might encounter when using RARBG proxy sites, making it easier than ever to have real freedom to torrent as desired. For example, if you want to access a streaming service locked to a particular territory, simply set your VPN to the country in question, and the site will identify you as coming from the correct country and allow you to access the content.

Whilst there are free VPN services available, using a premium VPN is a much better investment, as it provides a faster, more secure and more comprehensive experience with fewer service dropouts than you’d find with a free alternative, and there’s no danger of having to deal with spyware and malware. Some recommended VPN services include:

How to Download Movies from RARBG

We’ve established that a VPN is the best means to download torrent files, so let’s look at each step for getting, say, a movie from RARBG in this way. Looking at the various VPNs on the market today, NordVPN appears to be the best all-around service for people looking to enjoy fast, secure internet encryption. Using NordVPN is simple:

  • Visit the NordVPN site.
  • Choose which VPN package you want to purchase.
  • Activate NordVPN on up to 6 of your desired devices (PC, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Visit the RARBG site as usual, search for the movie, and download your chosen torrent file or magnet link to open with your preferred torrent client.
  • That’s it! If you want to access content in a restricted region, simply change the country you want to be browsing from in your VPN’s settings menu.

Top 5 RARBG Alternatives

While an RARBG proxy unblock is a very reliable resource, it’s still a good idea to be aware of the alternatives available on the market. Perhaps you’re having trouble finding a particular file, or you’re trying to find a file with more users seeding that you can download faster. Here are some other torrent sites with good reputations who might have what you’re looking for.

ExtraTorrent alternative to RARBG


Extratorrent first appeared around 2006 and has been established as a very popular torrent site since then. Its popularity has been secured thanks to a hard-working community of regular uploaders and a clean user interface that communicates the most important information when browsing without a lot of intrusive clutter. At one point, Extratorrent was the second most popular torrent index online, and it’s not hard to see why.

Top 5 Best ExtraTorrent Proxies and Mirrors:

ExtraTorrent alternative to RARBG
Torrentz alternative to RARBG
Torrentz alternative to RARBG


Torrentz gained a huge amount of traction when it first came out, thanks to the fact that it’s actually a torrent search engine (rather than a file index in and of itself) meaning users could search through millions of different torrent results with only a few clicks. Although the original site went dark sometime in 2016, an alternative called Torrentz2 has sprung up in its place and continues to offer the same great service to millions of users every day.

Top 5 Best Torrentz2 Proxies and Mirrors:

Pirateiro alternative to RARBG


It’s hard for a non-English language torrent site to crack into the international torrent scene, but Pirateiro has surpassed expectations. It first emerged as the biggest torrent index providing files in Portuguese and Brazilian parts of the world, and proved immensely popular. Since then, in 2017 the site made the jump to convert to the English language, considerably broadening its audience and allowing millions of more users to enjoy the high-quality torrents on offer.

Top 5 Best Pirateiro Proxies and Mirrors:

Pirateiro alternative to RARBG
Piratebay alternative to RARBG
Piratebay alternative to RARBG


The Piratebay (or TPB, for short) is the largest and most famous of all the torrent index sites. Emerging in 2003 from Sweden, it’s been ahead of most of the competition ever since, and has one of the largest and most active user bases giving it one of the broadest and deepest file databases available anywhere. Mirror sites have been very instrumental in keeping the site alive even after the parent domain went dark in 2009, much as you’ll find when using a RARBG proxy server.

Top 5 Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

Kickass alternative to 1337x


A great all-around solution for casual and veteran torrent fans alike, Kickass Torrents (KAT) has been through many changes over the years, that have helped fine-tune the service and provide a wealth of the latest content to millions of users. It’s a terrific example of a well thought out and intuitive torrent website, and this has helped draw in a loyal community of users who make it easy to get high-speed downloads of trustworthy content.

Top 5 Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

Kickass alternative to 1337x

When you have the right RARBG proxy unblock you can enjoy a tremendous amount of quality file-sharing with fast download speeds. To ensure a maximum of privacy and convenience, combine your mirror site with a VPN, and you can enjoy downloads from almost anywhere in the world with a secure encrypted connection. It’s easy to set up and will open up access to millions of files with only a couple of clicks.