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Folx for Mac downloads torrent files fast and features the best torrent search possibilities. When downloading torrent content you can prioritize download tasks, control download and upload speeds, split downloads in up to twenty threads to speed up the downloading, and more.

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  • Previous versions of Folx PRO that I used were absolutely satisfying. Now that I upgraded to version 5, I use it as a default downloader and it always does its job as promised. Cannot think of a more convenient downloader for Mac.
    Erica Marceau

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List of best torrent trackers
Here is the updated list of best torrent trackers still working in 2019.
The Pirate Bay can be referred to as the first torrent tracker to build up a huge community around it thanks to great content and the ease with which everyone could access it. With a long history behind them and the world-famous pirate ship as a logo, The Pirate Bay is a symbol for the entire phenomenon of torrenting.
KickAss Torrents was started in 2008 by a group of enthusiasts that wanted to make file sharing accessible to everyone. They studied the phenomenon in predecessors like The Pirate Bay and did a great job, registering over 1 million daily users at one point. Known for their rich offer of movies, TV shows, games, software and other forms of content, KickAss is still one of the best websites today.
Known for a very long time as the top torrent tracker for high-quality video content at more than half of the file size you’d find them anywhere else, YTS has kept their position over time. You can always count on them for all the best movies, TV shows, documentaries and whatever kind of video content you may need.
1337x is considered to be the third most popular torrent website after The Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrents and with one short visit on their website you can understand why. All the torrents they offer are perfectly organized, the interface is great and you can always count on the community on this torrent tracker to vouch for the quality of anything you download.
If you’re into torrenting, there’s no way you didn’t use Torrentz at least once before. And even though they need no introduction for connoisseurs, all other users should know that Torrentz is the equivalent of Google in the torrent community. Whenever you want to find a high-quality torrent, you can access Torrentz and find a viable source to download everything you need.
Without specializing in a niche of content, Limetorrents offers verified torrents from all domains users would be interested in. The user interface and a very easy to use search bar make Limetorrents extremely friendly even with users that are on their first torrent search and the people around this website are all for building a strong community. Next time you need to download a movie, TV show, computer game or app, head to Limetorrents for a rich offer.
Nowadays a lot of focus has shifted from Hollywood movies to TV shows with the rise of platforms like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. EZTV makes it possible for all users to keep up to date with all their favorite TV shows by offering high quality torrents. With EZTV you will never miss an episode again.
RARBG started their adventure in 2008, around the same time with KickAss torrents. Even though they offer a vibrant offer of content of all sorts, they did not enjoy the same success as its competitors, mainly because it did not intend to. Starting in Bulgaria, they wanted to remain a tight, reliable source of high-quality content for their users. A fact that made it possible for them to be relevant in present day as well.
ExtraTorrent’s beginnings can be tracked as far as 2006 when the website was first launched. Even though the Bittorrent file sharing protocol was just at the beginning, ExtraTorrent offered a rich offer of torrents from various domains. For the great services offered, the word got spreaded and ExtraTorrent rose to become the second-biggest torrent website at one point.