Folx 5:
Powerful Torrent Client Mac

The safest and torrent client for Mac for Mac that searches, makes downloading and creating torrents quick, easy and problem free!

Torrent Search App — Folx PRO

With Folx PRO you don’t need to open a browser, type in your search request and surf through a galore of web pages to find a torrent. Let the app do all the search for you!

Torrent search on different trackers

Searching for torrents is known as only search engines’ prerogative. But not with Folx PRO. Imagine that you have a magic tool that visits many torrent websites when the app is launched, finds exactly what you need within seconds and gives you multiple results. Folx PRO is this magic tool!

Torrent download

When you get different results to your search query all you need to do is select a torrent you desire and click the Download button next to it.

“I absolutely love the Folx download manager. Its now officially my go to download search engine. i search and download right from the app. Solid stuff, thats a great product right there. And i'm looking forward to using the PRO version. i can't wait to experience that. Thank you!”


Convenient Torrent Downloading

Folx makes the downloading process quicker and easier for you. It’s a kid's stuff to set up download priorities, manage speed control, assign tags, enable downloading at high speed, schedule downloads and more.

Using Torrent Magnet Links

On file distribution pages you can see magnet icons to special magnet-uri links. These magnet links ensure security for both trackers and users. Unlike torrents the magnet links provide data about file content (hash) but don’t give any information about you or tracker. Folx PRO fully supports magnet links.

Doubtless Advantages of Folx PRO:

Fast downloading PRO

In settings you can enable "Split into threads" option. This will divide the file into threads that can help increase its download speed.

Adjusting the speed of your downloads PRO

As one of the best torrent clients for Mac Folx allows you to manage the speed of your downloads. You can also adjust the settings for the app to control the upload and download speeds.

Planning download time PRO

Folx is a smart torrent downloader for Mac. It can start seeding, downloading or both seeding and downloading at an hour and on a day of the week you choose. It can also do one of the following actions when the task is finished: go to the sleeping mode, shut down or quit.

Integration with iTunes PRO

You can allow the app to integrate your downloaded files with iTunes. For this in Folx Preferences you just need to find Tags and check Integrate with iTunes box for tags on your left. After that all downloaded content pointed out with this tag will get to your iTunes library.

Managing your login credentials PRO

Some torrent websites may require you to sign in. You can run Folx Password Manager and keep passwords and logins for them. So your login information will be auto-filled every time you start downloading. In free version you can save up to 2 credentials.


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