Extratorrents Unblocked and Mirror Sites List

Extratorrent is one of the most popular peer-to-peer networks around, with a solid reputation for high-quality download content. However, it can be hard to access due to restrictions and stability issues, so that’s why it’s important to know how to find a mirror site to make an Extratorrent unblock possible at all times.

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ET Proxy

More about Extratorrent

Extratorrent first emerged in 2006, making it one of the earlier peer-to-peer torrent sharing networks on the market. Despite stiff competition from the likes of KAT and TPB, Extratorrent kept climbing in popularity thanks to the work of a loyal community of users who kept the database constantly updated with new content for download. In fact, it became so popular that at one point in 2016 it was the second most popular torrent network on the internet, just behind Piratebay. However, the official site closed down just a year later, but fortunately there are plenty of mirror sites and proxy servers helping to keep Extratorrent unblocked and keep the file database up and running for users looking for the latest torrent files and magnet links.

ET Proxy

Access Extratorrent with Proxy and Mirror Sites

With the original Extratorrent site closed, alternative means of unlocking the database need to be used, but even before closing, it was often difficult, for example, to download Extratorrent movies unblocked. The answer to these problems lies in using proxy and mirror sites. These sites hold all the file information of the parent site, but can also unblock Extratorrent download files, since the information is received through a different server with a different URL that acts as a middleman for the original site, so you won’t be blocked from accessing the data. It’s an easy way to continue to enjoy free downloads, so just pick a mirror from an Extratorrent unblock list and open files with your preferred BitTorrent client as usual.

Unblock Extratorrent Using a VPN

Wondering the best way of how to unblock Extratorrent? If online privacy is a concern, the best possible solution is a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN routes all your bandwidth usage through a remote server, making it impossible for your activity to be detected by anyone, including your internet service provider and even your torrent tracker. You can even set your VPN to tell a website that you’re browsing from a different country, so you can enjoy services like streaming that would otherwise be region-locked to a different territory. With such a secure torrent unblock Extratorrent can be enjoyed all the time without concern about anyone monitoring your downloading. For complete anonymity and peace of mind when browsing and downloading, you can’t beat a VPN, and most VPN services can be installed to all of your different devices (PC, Mac, smartphones, etc.) from a single account.

What is the Difference between VPN and Proxy?

A proxy functions as a go-between from your device and the site you’re trying to access using an intermediary server. Whilst a proxy can often get the job done, if, for example, you just want an Extratorrent cc unblock, it doesn’t offer any privacy protection, so your requests to the proxy and any downloading you might be doing will still be visible to third parties, including your internet service provider. A VPN, on the other hand, acts as an intermediary between all activity from your device to the internet, routing your bandwidth through IP encryption in such a way as to stop anyone from being able to link your activity to your internet address. Your activity can’t be tracked and your data cannot be monitored, so for anyone concerned about preserving their anonymity online, a VPN is the very best solution around. Whilst it’s possible to find free VPNs, some of these can leave you open to malicious software and dropouts in service, so it’s always a better idea to invest in a premium service to give you the best possible means of getting Extratorrent unblocked.

Other Alternatives to Using Extratorrent

When a Extratorrent unblock still isn’t helping you find the torrent you want, it’s good to know of some reputable alternatives. All these sites have deep file indexes and enjoy trustworthy reputations with fast download speeds, so give them a look.

KAT alternative to ET


Kickass has been a favorite for torrent fans ever since it launched in 2008, often being ranked as the internet’s most popular peer-to-peer database. Although it’s jumped from different domain names over the years, the same great core service and choice of files to choose from have only gotten stronger. One of the nice features to look out for is the ranking system, whereby search results come in according to the reputation of the torrent uploader, making it easy to find trusted files in a hurry.

Top 5 Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

KAT alternative to ET
1337x alternative to ET
1337x alternative to ET


Although it’s not as popular as monster sites like Piratebay, 1337x (pronounced "leet", an old hacker term for "elite") is a real gem of a torrent site. It attracts a famously hardcore community of followers, who can give each other reputation points so that it’s easy to find uploads from trusted and verified sources. Don’t waste time in checking out one of the internet’s best-kept secrets when it comes to file downloading.

Top 5 Best 1337x Proxies and Mirrors:

RARBG alternative to ET


RARBG began in 2008, and has been one of the most consistently popular sources for the latest media releases. Although very popular, it still has a real feel of community on the site, and users are very giving of feedback in the comments for files so you can easily find out the quality of a particular torrent and whether it’s right for you. Since it’s so popular, the downloads from this site are especially fast, and the interface is very clean and efficient, making it a great destination for users looking to complete high volumes of downloading in a single session.

Top 5 Best RARBG Proxies and Mirrors:

RARBG alternative to ET
EZTV alternative to ET
EZTV alternative to ET


This is another site with a reputation for releasing the latest files for download faster than the competition. Ever since starting in 2005, their track record for uploading popular video files is second to none, and the site was also known for having forum sections where fans would have passionate discussions about their favorite movies and television. For some categories of torrent files, it’s arguably one of the very best destinations anywhere in the world of peer-to-peer downloads.

Top 5 EZTV Proxies and Mirrors:

LimeTorrents alternative to EZTV


Limetorrents is a little different from the other torrent sites, as it functions as a search directory, rather than a file repository. What this means is that it doesn’t host torrent files, but redirects the user to the file’s origin. This gives users a really incredible range of files to search for that has reached upwards of 60 million. The interface is also nicely straightforward featuring health bars next to each torrent so you can instantly see how quickly a file will download. While some users might have security concerns about being redirected to third-party destinations, Limetorrents also has a dedicated search function for checking only for verified uploads, and the site is also very family-friendly as well.

Top 5 LimeTorrents Proxies and Mirrors:

LimeTorrents alternative to EZTV

When you follow these simple steps, it’s easy to find the torrent file you need with zero stress and hassle. It’s perfectly simple to unblock Extratorrent and access unlimited downloading, especially when you have a VPN to give you confidence and privacy with your internet use. We hope these tips have been helpful, so feel free to share with anyone looking to upgrade their downloading solutions.