Unblock Kickass Torrent Right Now - New Mirrors and Proxy Sites 2019

In times when ISPs are requested to block access to certain websites, it is vital that any Internet user has a list of trustworthy proxy servers and mirror sites they can use. That’s precisely the case with Kickass Torrents since they enjoy so much popularity. There are several governments that requested ISPs to restrict access to the website and so, users that still want to access high-quality content, should be able to rely on some great Kickass proxy sites to keep their activity unaffected. That’s exactly what we are going to explore in the following sections and we are going to give you different ways to unblock Kickass torrent or some alternatives in case you do not succeed.
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Doing torrenting right means using a VPN app to secure your connection. We went ahead and put together a list of the best VPNs available in 2019:

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Kickass Torrents Proxy List of 2019

Proxy Site Status Speed
https://thekat.info/ Fast
https://kickass.cm/ Fast
https://kickass.cd/ Very Fast
https://kat.li/ Fast
http://katcr.to/ Very Fast
http://kickasstorrents.to/ Fast
http://kickasstorrent.cr/ Very Fast
http://kat.am/ Very Fast
Kickass Proxy

What is a Kickass Proxy / KAT?

Kickass proxy sites are in place ever since Kickass was first launched to give their users several ways to access high-quality torrents with all types of content needed. A proxy works like a gateway between you and the website you are trying to access. It can also be described as an intermediary server that separates the end user from the website they are trying to visit. In Kickass’s case, proxy websites are used to overwrite the ISP blocking and give all users access to the website, despite the efforts of limiting access.

Kickass Proxy

Having a reliable Kickass proxy list can give you guaranteed access to your favorite torrent tracker. Not all proxies will work all the time so that’s why it is recommended to have several of them. And if you are worried about where to find such proxy servers, there’s no reason to get alarmed, we will provide some for you in this article.

Why Can’t I Access Kickass torrent?

The ever-growing popularity of Kickass torrents over the past years has brought with it a lot of attention. So, you might have already noticed that you can’t always access Kickass torrent directly. We are going to list the main reasons why you might not be able to access the website.

  • ISP blocking - to prevent access to certain websites, Internet Service Providers can add websites to a ‘black list’ and make them unreachable by any user in that network.
  • Hosting Issues - even though it rarely happens thanks to their solid servers, there are moments when the website is not operational due to hosting issues. You will usually get notified about these issues when you access the website.
  • Updates - the bigger torrent indexes get, the harder it is to perform maintenance on them. Even though it is not something you will see often, there are moments when Kickass torrents is down due to certain updates or security improvements made on the website. Again, you should see a message notifying you about this operation.
  • DDoS Attacks - the competition among torrent trackers is extreme because of the millions of visitors that can attract nice amounts of money. So, it’s not that uncommon that other torrent website or ill-intentioned individuals perform these attacks that render any Kickass mirror useless.

Accessing Kickass Torrent with a VPN

After already displaying proxy servers as a way to unblock Kickass torrent, it’s time to look at another alternative for users that can’t directly access KAT. The advantages of using a VPN are far greater than just giving you access to Kickass. A good VPN will encrypt your Internet connection, allowing you to navigate safely and without detection on every website you choose. A VPN basically creates a virtual protected network inside the public one you use to connect to the internet and that makes it impossible for your ISP to monitor the sites you are accessing, including any Kickass mirror site that you want to use. Yes, you read that right, you can even use a VPN alongside with a proxy server or a mirror site to make sure you are fully protected.

And with so many VPN alternatives available on the market, it is natural that you are not sure which one to choose. However, we want to give you full information and keep all our readers safe and that’s why we provide you with this list of approved VPN services:

Kickass Torrents Mirrors

Another great alternative to access Kickass torrents when the site is unavailable, is through a Kickass mirror site. A mirror site is basically a replica of another website that has several purposes. It can be used to reduce the traffic on a server to improve its speed and it can also handle the excess traffic when the original one generates too much. Mirror websites allow users to download files faster from a mirror site that is geographically closer to their destination compared to the main website.

Kickass Torrent Alternatives

No matter how many alternatives and Kickass proxy sites you have, there will be times when you simply can’t access Kickass for various reasons. Due to its vulnerabilities or different ways it can be blocked, it is recommended that you always have an alternative for Kickass.

1337x alternative to KAT


One of the best alternatives for Kickass torrents comes from 1337x. This futuristic-sounding torrent tracker has all the needed content no matter if you are looking for movies, games, TV shows, apps, music or anything else. It has a great user interface with red on a black background and the search bar allows users to quickly identify the desired content.

Top Best 1337x Proxies and Mirrors:

1337x alternative to KAT
Piratebay alternative to KAT
Piratebay alternative to KAT


Piratebay was one of the best torrent trackers on the internet, however, competition alongside issues with blocking in numerous territories has taken away from their glory. Nonetheless, the fact that they were the first major torrent website to provide all kind of content to users through the peer-to-peer protocol remains and it is still an awesome alternative if your Kickass proxy sites do not work.

Top 5 Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

RARBG alternative to KAT


The quick filters and the possibility of registering an account with RARBG has made this hard to pronounce torrent trackers one of the best alternatives for Kickass. The interface of the website is appealing and easy to use and the news and blog posts on the first page are a nice touch to keep their users informed.

Top 5 Best RARBG Proxies and Mirrors:

RARBG alternative to KAT
EZTV alternative to KAT
EZTV alternative to KAT


If you are after some high-quality movies or TV shows and just can’t access Kickass torrents, EZTV comes to your aid. With a huge collection of torrents and carefully categorised media, you will be able to watch your favorite videos in no time. Use the search function to instantly get the results you are after and you can also use a VPN to make sure you are fully protected.

Top 5 EZTV Proxies and Mirrors:

Limetorrents alternative to KAT


Whenever you can not unblock Kickass torrent through the traditional methods, make sure to check Limetorrents as well. A very powerful tracker, Limetorrents is still going strong and have a great interface. You can download games, movies, tv shows and many other files for private use.

Top 5 Limetorrents Proxies and Mirrors:

Limetorrents alternative to KAT

Now you have all the needed knowledge to access Kickass or any of its alternatives through proxy servers or mirror websites. By using a proxy you redirect the web browsing activity, making it look like the website you are trying to connect to is accessed from a different location. This gives you complete safety and privacy when it comes to Internet browsing and makes it easier to find everything you want online.